Thursday, February 16, 2012

Higgins Lake Fishing Report : Feb 16, 2012

DNR boat launch W/side of Higgins Lake
Higgins Lake finally froze and fisherman have landed on the water like a flock of Geese. With up to 9 inches of ice reported in some areas, shanties have sprung up almost over night. Just in time for the Higgins Lake-Roscommon Winterfest 2012. And the March spring thaw which may start earlier than usual this year.

About 50 yds off the DNR boat launch on the west side of Higgins Lake there are about a dozen permanent (hard shell) shanties with maybe a couple of the portable (soft side) shanties thrown in. About another 50 yds out from there is another dozen or so shanties.

This was Thursday about noon and the parking lot was filling up with pick up trucks and snowmobile trailers. A couple of the fishermen were having some luck catching mostly Splake & Perch but were still concerned about the ice. With the warm weather (mid 30's over the last week) the newly formed ice could be shifting and cracking.


What's biting; Splake and Perch

Best bait; waxworms and minnows

Best area: near DNR boat launch west side.

Reminder: Higgins-Roscommon Winterfest 2012 is this weekend Feb 17-18.

Good luck and stay safe,

Ken S

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