Thursday, January 12, 2012

Heavy Snow Causes Low Visibility:Jan 12,2012

Snow is finally coming to the Houghton Lake area. Snow fall forecasts are for 2-6 inches over the next 18 hours. Great for the upcoming Tip Up Town USA.

But for those out on the lake earlier today the sudden snow fall means limited visibility for the return to shore where their vehicles are parked. If your going out on the lake on a day when there is snow in the forecast a compass is a must and a GPS even better. A handheld GPS not only locates a good fishing spot it can show the way back to where you started. Some units have been known to stop working in extremely cold conditions (thus the need for a compass as backup). But keeping a handheld GPS under the last layer of clothing should be warm enough to keep the display working. Simply pull out the GPS long enough to get a bearing then put it back under your clothes to keep warm.

Spending a long time wandering around the lake looking for your vehicle is not only frustrating but dangerous. You could wander onto thin ice without knowing it until it's too late.

Using a compass take a bearing facing the direction of where you plan to fish. Then when your ready to return simply reverse your bearing. Or if you can still see your vehicle when you get there take a bearing facing your vehicle. If the snow gets heavy and visibility low, just follow the compass back.

Be Safe and Good Luck,

Ken S

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