Saturday, January 21, 2012

Higgins Lake Report Jan 2012:On Thin Ice

Higgins Lake East DNR Launch
 Jan 15, 2012
Due to the warm weather this winter Higgins Lake ice may not get thick enough to safely walk or ride on. As of a week ago there was still plenty of open water. I heard rumor someone had launched a boat. Not likely but possible.

That said I have seen snowmobile tracks along the west shore near the DNR boat launch but no sign of ice fisherman. So I would recommend staying off the ice or going to Houghton Lake. There was some open water 2 weeks ago on the west side of Houghton Lake so caution is still required.

Don't forget Tip Up Town is this weekend and next weekend Jan 20-22, 27-29.

Use common sense and stay safe.

Ken S

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